About Us

Cottle+Bergh Architects is a versatile and forward-thinking boutique architecture firm with over 10 years’ experience. Since its inception, Cottle+Bergh has become recognised for conceptualising retail, residential, commercial, industrial, public and mixed spaces that seamlessly blend creative expression with functionality.

In every project we undertake, Cottle+Bergh remains committed to creating architecture that is visually and spatially stimulating and, at the same time, responsive to social and environmental concerns. Our design approach incorporates innovation by integrating the latest technology and materials. This allows us to create spaces that blend with their surroundings – whether this means consideration of history and tradition where needed or the creation of something completely new.

Cottle+Bergh Architects : Glo Cell Nigeria
Cottle+Bergh Architects : Airtel Kenya

Our team of qualified architects draw inspiration from the finest architectural spaces around the world and stay abreast of the most current trends in styles, the use of new materials and eco-friendly building. Our foremost design consideration is always to stay ahead of the curve while providing spaces that will stand the test of time from both a visual and functional point of view.

Our offering includes services to assist with interiors, sustainability, urban design support, industrial design, component and shop fitting design, council and planning approvals, SANS XA Rational Design, 3D visualisation and presentation, CGI imagery, model making, workspace consultancy and planning, tenant coordination, surveys, BIM research and development and architectural photography.

Our firm is able to work with clients throughout South Africa and beyond our borders having completed projects from Gauteng to Cape Town and in Kenya and DRC.


Cottle+Bergh Architects was founded in 2007 by Louis Cottle and Frans Bergh.

Our Mission

We aim to provide our clients with more than just a beautiful and functional space. Our goal is to create the places where they, and the end user, will realise their future and find both contentment and excitement in their day to day environment.

Our Products

Industrial, commercial, public, retail, residential and mixed-use architecture and design.

Our Services

Architecture, Interiors, Sustainability, Urban Design Support, Industrial Design, Furniture Design, Component and Shopfitting Design, Council and Planning Approvals, SANS XA Rational Design, 3D Visualization, Presentation / CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), Model Making, Workspace Consultancy and Planning, Tenant Coordination, Surveys, BIM Research and Development and Architectural Photography.

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