Residential Archive

Wood Residence

New Residence for Mr and Mrs Wood. The house is centered around a courtyard that gives each space in the house access to natural daylight and ventilation.

Bernot Residence

Spies Residence

Aloe Acres

Viljoen Residence

Kusel Residence

Thirion Residence

Additions for Mr and Mrs Thirion In, Menlo Park, Pretoria.

Steyn Residence

Contemporary industrial design with a photography studio. Proposal in Midfields Estate, Midstream.

Terblanche Residence

Viljoen Residence

New Residence for the Viljoen Family at Silver Lakes, Pretoria.

Löwe Residence

New Residence for the Löwe Family on their farm East of Pretoria.

Lourens Residence

New Residence for the Lourens family.

Voigt (Jnr) Residence

The new residence make use of plant and creeper growth to create privacy and control harsh sun angles. It also helps to create fresh, natural and passively cooled environment. If the correct creeper is chosen it will allow for heating certain facades in the winter.

De Swart Addition

Additions and alterations to a modern residence.

Carrim Residence

Residence for the Carrim Family.

Cairns Additions

New Additions to the Cairns residence.

Berg en Rant

A residential development in Brits, North West Province

Amey Residence

Contemporary living in the Sandton Country Estate, JHB.